I am Naftali Moses--owner, content author and general man behind the curtain of this site. I live in Efrat, Israel together with my children.

Professionally, I have a PhD from Bar-Ilan University in medical history. I teach Jewish medical ethics and research the nexus of Jewish law (halacha) with Israeli medical culture. My book length study of brain-death in Israel asks what it means to be Really Dead? Currently I am interested in the problematics of bodily ownership and somatic autonomy. Are we the proprietors of our own bodies in this age of exchangable body parts, patentable DNA and for-profit cell lines?

Personally, my life was irreparably changed by the murder of my sixteen-year-old son, Avraham David Moses, Hy"d. My experiences of loss and longing alongside the frustrations of memory and memorial became my book Mourning Under Glass. I am regularly asked to speak to groups about my son and about my own experiences of living through the aftermath of terror's horrors. This is never easy for me. But to paraphrase Rav Kook, it is not that I have the strength to speak, but rather I lack the strength to remain silent.

Due to some suspicious comments that have been left on the comments page, I have deleted it.

 Please contact me at nm@tragic-death.com.