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"All in All" (music and lyrics by Yonatan Razel)

 All in all, you wanted to bring a bit of light,

to see the ocean and return.

All in all, you wanted to believe a bit more,

so that you could understand a bit less,

and live another day.

What did you ask for after all?

To reach out your hand to the world

to open a new-old door.

All in all you’re a small child

a bit frightened of the world, you close up again and again.

All in all, you wanted to bring a bit of honey,

to make the world happy and see more and more.



This is the translation of the "death notice" which appears here:

The paths of Zion mourn the murder of our dear student, the holy and brave, yet delicate of soul, lover of our Holy Land, who was slaughtered in the midst of studying, clutching the Torah to his breast, his martyred soul now set above all others

AVRAHAM DAVID son of Naftali MOSES (may God avenge his death)

Oh earth, do not cover his blood! (Job 16:18) May all of Israel weep over the fire burnt by God. (Lev. 10:6)

Yeshivat Mercaz Harav

Jerusalem Yeshivah for Youth